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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Few weeks since my last post... Quite a few stuffs to blog about tonight. Shall start with school hehe! Started school on the 30th of march, friday. Time is really passing very very quickly. Registered myself on the 13th i think. Then it was my birthday and then left with just a couple of days to starting my grooming course. Was very excited for it. Imagined it to be easy and stuff like that. But it was not, it was tough as we were trained to stand during grooming the dog. The first few days, to me was not really good... Couldn't take the 6 hours long of standing and not just that, because of my height, i had to keep bending down at some certain areas to groom the dog. Really tough, but it was okay after awhile. Have to be determined. Willing to go through all this for dogs that i really love! It feels nice after grooming a dog. Every new day, the instructor will give us new dogs to groom. Dirty, messed up and fur tangled... just by looking at it, u will go what the heck... All the tangles. But then again, it was worth it. I feel good after being able to just look at them after giving them proper grooming and smelling so much nicer after a bathe. At the 7th lesson already and i cannot wait to learn more!

Few pictures of dogs that i've groomed!!
Brought lunch to school also.

OH! Have i mentioned that i went to get a tattoo with my dad recently? Seriously... after months. No, wait... After 2 years. Was already deciding on getting a tatt done since 2010! Said i were to get it after christmas but then nooooooo. Then finally my dad arranged for it to be done on a saturday after my birthday as a gift to me!!! We then went to red dot to have some drinks for the night.

Mine peeling off after a few days...

Took very good care of it by applying lotion everyday till now. WOO

Many changes recently. Got a new hair cut and new hair color also. Layered it thinner and dying my hair chocolate brown with blonde highlights.

 Can't see the highlights...

Recent nail designs!


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