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Monday, August 5, 2013

Back again

Haven't blogged for almost a year. It's been super duper long and my sister has been pestering me to blog about something, so I thought okay maybe for once. Life for the past year has its ups and downs. Well, lost some people that I loved and cared most about... Then again, I met some good group of friends. But to sum it all, I feel terribly miserable because of one biggest decision I made earlier in my life this year. I regretted. Feeling so bad I wished I could go back to that day and ran away. Deepest and longest sigh. Lately, work for me isn't doing good as well. Not sure what I really am because till now I am not even informed when to go back to work. Not getting any income also. Basically I am just wasting day at home doing nothing but watching shows, playing with my girls, eat, sleep and laze. Very pathetic. This year is shit for me. Oh god I hate my life, really I do.

I learn from my mistakes. Which is... not to love someone as much as I did before, never. I will never make myself get hurt ever again. No more heartbreaks. Once bitten, twice shy. Apparently I am stupid enough to love someone so much I went ahead with the most cruel decision just because I did not want to burden him.

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